Why Hope

Hope Network acknowledges the spiritual side of healthcare, realizing that we all live at the intersection of good medicine and God’s divine blueprint. Life is a bittersweet mystery – especially for people with disabilities and mental illness – and a journey no one should have to embark on alone.

What We Do

  • Pastoral Care

    At the heart of our mission are men and women willing to meet you where you are, and explore a future filled with hope and purpose. Let’s talk.

  • Pastoral Services

    Our pastoral services work is all about breaking down barriers, reaching across them, and forming relationships between churches and the people we serve.


Volunteer Spotlights

The power of one – read our stories to learn about how a group of gentle givers volunteer their time for others.

Student Opportunities

  • AIM Internship Program

    The Advocates in Ministry Program (AIM) is a cross-cultural ministry experience designed for individuals in seminary or college pursuing church ministry, chaplaincy or para-church vocations.

  • Ambassadors of Hope

    Our school-aged program is aimed at “confronting the stare” by familiarizing children and youth with people who live with disabilities or mental illness.


Serving 8,000+ individuals each year
Partnering with more than 70 churches throughout Michigan
Partnering with more than 30 schools and community groups

Our Partnerships

We’re humbled and proud to be associated with organizations that lead with a servant’s heart to break down barriers and build people up.