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Why Hope Network – Pastoral Services

Hope Network believes that regardless of your faith walk, you’re entitled to the very best healthcare available. Our pledge is to provide that care, without judgment, so that you’re able to fulfill your destiny in life.

Our Ministry

Hope Network Pastoral Services provides professional, effective leadership and advocacy in integrating persons with disabilities or disadvantages into a local faith community.

Hope Network Pastoral Services strives to model mutuality in our care and concern for persons living with disabilities or disadvantages by focusing on the strengths and gifts of each person. We recognize that we are all vulnerable, and true communion can only happen when we practice mutual hospitality with one another.

Our pastors create opportunities for worship both directly, within Hope Network residential facilities, and indirectly, by linking individuals with disabilities or disadvantages to local faith communities of their choice where their gifts and talents can be best utilized.


We strive to ensure that people with disabilities have every opportunity to belong to faith communities of their choice.

Pastoral Services Mission

To provide every opportunity for every person we serve to experience life to its fullest through worship, education and other spiritually nurturing connections of choice.


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