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Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation Now Offering Post-COVID Recovery Program

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation is well-positioned to provide the specialized care for individuals recovering from COVID-19 and needing to regain their strength, endurance, and cognitive function that may have been lost during their illness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many changes and requirements to how healthcare organizations must operate moving forward. The ability to adapt quickly and adjust daily operating procedures has been the focus for the last couple months. Now, the need is shifting to how to care for those recovering from COVID-19.

Acute care hospitals in the U.S. have begun to re-open and schedule elective surgeries, so the need to release beds to focus on non-COVID patients is great. The experts at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation recognized this need and developed a Post-COVID Recovery Program to serve the rehabilitation and recovery needs of post-COVID patients.

For over 35 years, Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation has been a leading provider of post-hospital, intensive, community-based rehabilitation services and specialized medical care for those who have sustained a moderate to severe brain injury or spinal cord injury, suffered a stroke, or have other complex behavioral and neurological conditions.

“Approximately 30% of COVID-19 patients demonstrate lingering cognitive abnormalities; a specialized residential environment that can address these cognitive and neurological recovery needs is critical to restoring patients to the community,”

stated Dr. Martin Waalkes, Director of Neuro Rehabilitation for Hope Network

“Developing a Post-COVID Recovery Program just made sense and it fits well with our already well-established continuum of care. Many patients also have significant mood and emotional symptoms that influence how they experience treatment and the transition home. Our specialized team approach can help ease that experience,” continued Waalkes.

Community-based rehabilitation – where nursing and physician support is integrated – is the ideal environment to provide the supervisory and care needs a deconditioned patient requires. And, it can help maximize progress in the critical window during the early weeks of recovery to help lessen long-term implications.

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation has over 150 experts who provide physical, occupational, speech-language, and therapeutic recreation therapy, social work, psychology, vocational, and return to work services that help people get back to the life they love after a catastrophic injury. The Post-COVID Recovery Program is available through the Hope Network inpatient transitional, outpatient, day rehab, and return to work programs.

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