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Why Hope Network – Workforce Development

There are many reasons to choose Hope Network.

We work with people who are looking for jobs and employers who are looking for workers. We match job seekers to employers that will be a good fit. We often partner with employers to assist them with their workforce needs and connect them with someone just like you.

We believe that, through employment, individuals can achieve meaning, identity, and establish their place as a contributing member of their community. With a hard-working team, Hope Network Workforce Development serves job seekers and employers with a variety of services and resources.


Job Seekers

Looking to re-enter the workforce? Look to us. Hope Network Workforce Development programs help individuals with barriers to employment to find jobs. If you are unemployed or underemployed, have been in jail or prison, are a veteran or have other barriers, we may be able to help. We offer customized programming based on your skills set, work experience and interest areas and provide assistance with employment readiness, job placement and job retention.

Visit our job seekers page to learn more about what we offer.


Want Hope Network to train your next round of employees? We’ve been assisting the business community since 1964 with employment solutions, connecting employers to qualified individuals re-entering the workforce in search of a fulfilling career. Services from our workforce development team are available at no cost and saves valuable resources normally spent in recruiting, hiring, and training.

For more information visit our page for employers.

Hope Network Services Corporation

Hope Network Services Corporation provides full service janitorial and grounds maintenance/landscaping services to local businesses and organizations.  Our longstanding proven performance has yielded multiple contracts for Federal and private commercial buildings.  Services Corp manages AbilityOne contracts that provide employment opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities in a supportive, team-oriented work environment at several Federal sites.  Workforce Development also offers private commercial janitorial contract work that provides training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities or adults experiencing socio-economic challenges.

Work site services are customized to meet the requirements of each facility, including incorporating green cleaning and disinfecting products according to customer preferences. The provision of on-site supervision and training coupled with a focus on continuous improvement results in meeting and exceeding all standards and requirements defined in customer contracts.  In addition, individual crew members are developing marketable skills which will allow them to seek other employment opportunities as they are ready to do so.

Current work sites are located in the Greater Grand Rapids area and include the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, the Gerald R. Ford Federal Building and Courthouse, the FAA Airport Control Tower and Flight Standards District Office, the Walker Army Reserve Center, the Law Building, the FAA Systems Support Center, and several private business locations.

Hope Network Industries

For more than 40 years, Hope Network Industries (HNI) has been a dependable resource for a variety of contract packaging services and light industrial services. Our strength lies in our responsiveness while providing a high quality, cost-effective, and flexible option to customers big and small.

As a part of Hope Network, we provide training and valuable job skills to ex-offenders, refugees, and other people with barriers to employment. A job at HNI enables individuals to become self-reliant members of our community.

Learn more by visiting the HNI section of our website.

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