The Hope Network story has many chapters, but the first was written in 1963, when one man took it on himself to serve people who were being ignored, forgotten, and cast aside. His name was Herb Start and the department was named the Pine Rest Sheltered Workshop. In the years that followed, the organization, eventually named Hope Network, moved forward, never stopping in its mission to serve the disabled and disadvantaged.

Today, five decades later, a lot of things have changed. But one thing hasn’t. Hope Network’s mission. In the 50 years Hope Network has been in service, we’ve served countless people. The dad recovering from a brain injury. The child born with autism. The ex-offender trying to re-enter society. The teenager battling depression. Each of these people have a story, and we bring them into ours, providing services and opportunities to help them overcome.

Our story is a half-century in the making. And as long as there are people who need to take on life's greatest challenges, we don't see it ending anytime soon.


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This is how we got to where we are today.

1960 An adjunctive therapy department (work experience) was established at Pine Rest Christian Hospital. Herb Start was the Director.

1963 The Sheltered Workshop at Pine Rest Christian Hospital became incorporated.

1964 The Pine Rest Sheltered Workshop building is built and opens as a work activity floor for people with developmental disabilities.

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1974 Pine Rest Christian Rehabilitation Services became the new name for the Pine Rest Sheltered Workshop.

1983 A board for Pine Rest Christian Rehabilitation Services was established separate from the Pine Rest Christian Hospital board. Herb Start was appointed as CEO.


1985 Hope Rehabilitation Network became the new name for Pine Rest Christian Rehabilitation Services.

1986 Hope Network became a separate corporation from Pine Rest Christian Hospital.

1986 Sojourners Transitional Living Center, Traumatic Brain Injury building opened.


1990 Hope Network is invited to attend the Americans with Disabilities Act Signing Ceremony in Washington D.C.

1997 Hope Network becomes a Management Service Organization (MSO). The first Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) certified network in existence, setting the standard for future CARF surveys.

1999 Hope Network Behavioral Health expands services to people with behavioral problems and complex psychological issues related to aging.


2004 Hope Network West Michigan purchases four buildings on 36th Street in Grand Rapids and moves day programs, skill building, transportation, supported employment, and workforce development programs to this campus.

2007 Rehabilitation Services opens the Peter and Pat Cook Center in Grand Rapids, a state-of-the-art therapy facility for people with traumatic brain injuries.

2010 The Center for Autism, an outpatient facility to serve children and adolescents with autism and other neuro-developmental disabilities, opens on the Coral Lettinga Campus.

Hope on.

November, 2013
Hope Network Celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

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