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Hope For When…

When the world casts someone aside. When a community needs an advocate. When a bright future seems impossible. When others say, “You’re on your own.” That’s when Hope Network steps in and says differently.


At Hope Network, overcoming looks a little different for each person we serve. That’s why our healthcare and life services are so deep, broad, and connected. And every day, they help make communities healthier, all across Michigan.

These are the services we provide, right when you need them most.

When You Need to Get Addiction Under Control.

Center for Recovery
Addiction doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from—it affects individuals from all walks of life. That’s why we specialize in the treatment of adults who are employed in a professional capacity, especially in healthcare, while also serving other individuals.



When You’ve Sustained a Brain or Spinal Cord Injury and Need to Make a Comeback.

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation
Life can change in an instant. A brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological condition can make the simple things in life seem far away. That’s why we’re firmly dedicated to helping people make a comeback.



When a Student is Falling Behind in Reading or Math.

Michigan Education Corps
Michigan Education Corps works with students age three through grade eight, ensuring each one has a chance to succeed. We do this because if a student is proficient in reading and math, the future looks a whole lot brighter for them.


When You Need a Ride that Drives Independence.

Hope Network Transportation drives a higher level of independence and ease of life for those with disabilities and disadvantages—as well as older adults.



When All You Want to Hear is “You’re Hired.”

Workforce Development
Through employment, individuals can achieve meaning, identity, and establish their place as a contributing member of their community. That’s why we offer on-the-job training to refugees, Veterans, ex-offenders, and those with other employment barriers, including disabilities.



When Your Child Isn’t Speaking, But Still Has a Voice. 

Center for Autism
Autism Spectrum Disorders occur in 1 of every 59 children. At Hope Network’s Center for Autism, we give every child a chance for a healthy, productive life.



When Your Mental Health is at a Breaking Point.    

Specialized Behavioral health
From crisis, to outpatient therapy, to community-based living, we treat mental illness, complex care needs, cooccurring disorders, and other related conditions.


When a Disability Doesn’t Define You.    

Developmental and Community Services
Living with a cognitive or physical disability can be overwhelming. At Hope Network, we’re dedicated to helping people overcome and achieve the most independent life possible.



When You Need a Safe Place to Call Home.

Housing & Community Development
Hope Network is committed to becoming the nation’s fastest-growing non-profit developers of affordable housing. And since successful living requires more than housing, we surround individuals with services they need—like workforce training, transportation, education, and more.



When You Need Packaging Services from a Team that Give its Workers Pride.

Hope Network Industries
Hope Network Industries (HNI) is a dependable resource for a variety of contract packaging and light industrial services. We’re positioned to help companies with their packaging needs, and at the same time instill pride and a sense of purpose into our workforce.



When Overcoming Takes a Community, and a Focused Foundation.

Hope Network Foundation

By managing ongoing partnerships and hosting engaging events, our Foundation ensures that Hope Network is seen by more people, and that the needs of our programs are met.



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