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Child and Adolescent Autism Spectrum Disorder Outpatient Services

At Hope Network’s Center for Autism, we diagnose autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children as young as 18 months, and provide ABA therapy as evidence-based treatment.

Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts leads our exceptionally trained staff of Behavior Technicians. The team executes outpatient, one-on-one ABA therapy sessions in a variety of controlled classrooms. The sessions consist of a balanced ratio of play and table time, where Behavior Technicians implement child specific programming.

Hope Network believes that early identification, intervention, treatment planning, and educational strategies for children with ASD allows families to received advice and support to help them adjust to their child’s learning and developmental challenges and to mobilize resources to provide the best early intervention services.

Hope Network maintains a current understanding of ASD evidence-based best practices, as well as the latest in ASD research and communicates the benefits of such research with workforce members, families, and through service delivery.

Call 616.942.2522 or email cfa@hopenetwork.org to reach our team.

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