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DART Child and Adolescent Residential Services

Developmental Adolescent Residential Treatment (DART) is a residential treatment program licensed as a Child Caring Institution.

The DART program provides residential care for children ages 8-18 who have various cognitive deficits and whose behaviors typically make it unsafe for them to reside in less-restrictive settings. The DART program provides a trauma-informed approach to care, incorporating occupational therapy, speech therapy, group and individual therapies along with principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help each child develop healthy and safe ways of interaction.


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Located on the Hope Network Behavioral Health’s Children and Adolescent Services campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DART is a secure residential setting with optimal opportunities for community integration and comprehensive care.

For Residential Treatment Services referrals, please contact HNBHSResInquiry@hopenetwork.org or call 616.726.5165

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