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Referral and Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about our programs.

Hope Network Behavioral Health Services offers specialized residential treatment for adults who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness. A specialized residential program is a group home that provides many services on site. These services include psychiatric, nursing, case management, group therapy, and individual therapy. Some of the programs offer more specialized services as well such as problematic sexual behaviors treatment or substance abuse treatment.

We have programs across the state of Michigan.

Most people who receive specialized residential treatment through Hope Network have already been receiving services through their local CMH (community mental health). Hope Network contracts with many counties across Michigan in order to serve those individuals who require a high level of specialized care or treatment.

Specialized residential treatment is not typically a covered service under the majority of private health insurance plans. Individuals who are on Medicaid and receive services through their local CMH may qualify for specialized residential treatment. The individual CMH must authorize funding for this treatment prior to acceptance/admittance to the program. Options for private pay admittance are also available.

Yes, we have one program called DART (Developmental Adolescent Residential Treatment) which is located in the Grand Rapids area. Funding for this program typically is provided through DHS, the adoption subsidy, or through the local CMH. Options for private pay admittance are also available.

This varies from person to person based on individual treatment goals. For some people, the program may last three to four months, and for others it may be more than a year.

Yes, email us at:HNBHSResInquiry@hopenetwork.org.

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