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Free Offering – Counseling and Resource Guidance for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Hope Network and Nation Outside are partnering with the Michigan Public Health Institute to provide no-cost virtual services (phone or computer) to improve your mental health and provide a direct link with resources that youmight not know about—for housing, food, healthcare, and more.

We believe returning citizens should be fully supported. And we’re here to provide that support, especially since COVID-19 has made life even harder to navigate.

Call 855–571-0204 to schedule a free session today.

How the first session works:
Individuals will call into the program and receive a brief assessment of needs, mental health, and SUD concerns. From there, Hope Network can provide an array of services, including targeted case management, outpatient therapy, and integrated RN services (primarily for coordination needs). The case management component will assist in linking and accessing resources in area such as housing resources, food, entitlements, health care, and other needs.

After the first session:
Once the initial treatment has been provided, we will work to assist in longer-term treatment for those that need it, place referrals to necessary agencies, maintain on going traditional outpatient services within Hope Network (telehealth or in person where available). Additionally, we will be providing people with information on Nation Outside to continue to build their support network and community support. This entire provision of services will be 5–10 sessions.

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