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Mental Health

One in five people face mental illness on a daily basis, yet it is one of the least talked-about epidemics of our time.

That’s why the Hope Network Foundation created the One in Five Marathon Relay – to bring awareness and inspire action.

At the event, we encountered Jon, one of the participants who ran the longer, more challenging 6.2-mile portion of his team’s relay. He ran with firm strides but a heavy heart – his sister lost her battle with depression in November 2014.

“When I reached the drive to Millennium Park to make one of the final turns toward the finish, the rest of my team was waiting to run to the finish with me,” Jon recounted. “What a great race and a great day.”

Jon is one of millions whose life has been touched by mental illness in some way. At Hope Network we’re doing a lot to help the cause – but we need your support.

This year we want to do more for those with mental illness, including hosting events like the One in Five Marathon Relay and creating early intervention programs.

Imagine a world that refuses to stay silent about mental illness and talks about it openly, like we talk about other forms of illness. That’s our hope, and your donation will help that happen.

But we need your support to help more people. Please donate to the Hope Network Foundation.

To learn more about Mental Health Services, visit Hope Network Behavioral Health Services.

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